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[21 Dec 2005|10:42pm]
it has honestly all been a complete rush to the head. And I can sit here and get mad, or do like I am doing now, and wonder why. It was a beautiful day today, and you would have come home and sat and ate, and would have gone outside, admired your garden, and watched some tv. your chair is tucked in now, you were the head of the table, and oddly enough, so was I. I will never forget your smile, your sense of enjoyment by the simple things; you were a simple man. I will love you forever and ever. even when you left for the hospital, the last time you would see home, you left me, matthew and amanda our allowance. I promise never to touch it. your coats still hang in the closet, and pants all neat in a row.

i will miss you.

[13 Feb 2005|09:14am]
half of my family is here right now

[03 Feb 2005|10:21pm]
Last night I had this dream that just, ugh, left me with such a bad feeling today. Its one of those dreams you have to think about really hard just see decide whether it was real or not. no, no one died or anything, but it was set at a different time different place... I just cant even explain it. but I just wish I was like, back there. I really should have tryed and remembered more of it. I have way to much on my mind I guess, senior year is getting to me, college is really getting to me.
    Last weekend was party/prom planning weekend. First we planned on thursday night what we are doing at the olive garden<3. and then friday we partyed... pirate style. We went to this kids erics house who had the THE coolest little brother ever, well maybe like little as meaning freshman, but he had fun swords in his bedroom, along with a teddy roosevelt action figure. Ofcourse, me being me, not even being drunk or anything manage to break a picture frame glass when I picked it up. Im sooo slick, let me tell you.

in two weekends in my birthday, and im going to be 18

and then its valentines day. my most favoritest day ever im giving blood  so maybe I will pass out for the entire day and just forget it


[02 Feb 2005|09:04pm]
you're dashboard confessional! emo to the core,
you're not afraid to show your feelings. you're
so emo you make other people cry with stories
of unfaithful partners and hard break-ups.

What Emo Band Are You?
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I knew it...


LiLpIxiEs64: i think I see ghosts
charlie revolver: like casper ghosts?

[24 Jan 2005|09:43pm]
SpunKichiK2 [9:05 PM]:  we should have like a culture day, you can come over my house bring some pizza and gelato and ill make some gyros and we can dance to chimes!

[23 Jan 2005|12:10am]

Danielle Angela Lupo PASSED her road test on Friday, January 21, 2005!!!!!!!


  Well you all may be like, but your turning 18 you waited so long, your such a loser!! But, yes I waited long time, but I just got my permit 5 and half months ago. Conclusion: im an amazing driver!

I owe soo many people rides....
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[20 Jan 2005|05:56pm]
I havent updated in a million years and well im sorry but I have no time. Well that and im rediculously lazyy. But anyway, I knew this year was going to be great when I woke up on new years day not remembering what i did the night before. I do remember iming everyone from a computer saying happy new years though, and like dressing up.. and and..? haha. School has been boring like no other but yet a whole lot of fun. I mean since there is no work to do. I went to mall last week, and now, me, nick, katina, ashley and yes, even souch, ha, I meann andrew [even tho he did have them before us], have the same sneakers. Whoot. One thing I have been lacking is kristin killeen time. did I mention that she passed her road test?! umm yes.

yea, im still working!?! and pay for my cell phone cause its like rediculously high?! who would have thought?

yea, and wow, I read my livejournal over the weekend, and im totally sorry for all of you who read it. I sounded like suchh a whinny brat/loser/umm I dont know... 2004, from January to December, was amazing. Sure it had its downs, and way highs. But thats life... and its great cause I used to be soo like OMG OMG up everything, and everyones ass, but im soo lax now, its scary. Maybe its cause I got in to college!!?! Marist, Manhattan, and CW Post's honors program have all accepted me, dear, miss danielle lupo. But nothing has been getting to me at all lately, I dont know what it is. Im still waiting for fordham<333. Well see though, Ill take what comes my way. My new years resolution was to give up diet coke. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA like that would ever happen? but seriously it was to spend time with the people I love the most, mainly my friends. A perk of working is getting to stay out. Some crazy things have been going on lately in the wee hours. haha. Oo, and another thing, the post about cuddling up with my bear and sleeping forever wasnt meant to be a bad thing, I need sleep, like quanities that are in such high numbers I cant think of them.

tomorrow is my last day of drivers ed...less then a month till my birthday and im going to be 18...and im in love with john nolan.

♥ danielle

pps: first flight to disney.

[08 Jan 2005|12:18am]
at mass yesterday, I kicked one of the dogs... I didnt mean to, but I did. opps?! Actually this hideous girl was wereing like red eyeliner under her eyes and it was so funny that I wasnt paying attention. Justine was like crying she was laughing so hard. ugh, the poor dog.

Andrew surprised me by calling and picking me up from school. He was looking for his cousin, but she was MIA. He told me he wanted to go to Austrialia for a semester to come back with an accent. hahaha

i need sleep. no work this weekend.

[07 Jan 2005|07:43pm]
dickies are love
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and my personal favorite

whipped cream is love
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!!!!!!!!!!! [01 Jan 2005|09:02pm]
goodbye 2004, it was one of the greatest years of my life

                                                  ... but 2005, its a whole different year

watched garden state tonight. Me and Sam are the same person. Shes spontaeous, always has something to say, does these little quarky yet soo cute things, and when he left her, she cryed like crazy. When she said that we need to once and while laugh at ourselves, thats my motto. I mean, im always laughing.[for good or for bad] and when shes like... do you wanta see me tap dance out of nowhere.. yea thats me.Yesterday and today were actually good days. This week was lonely without ashley. THAT NIGHT haunted us once again. but now im like ready to start off the year with a bang.

♥ Danielle

[28 Dec 2004|08:20pm]

I Miss You by Blink 182

"The unsuspecting victim
Of darkness in the valley
We can live like Jack and Sally if we want
Where you can always find me"

You grew up a lot in 2004. And it was mostly a very good thing.

well my christmas went well. I indeed got my ipod, in pink, and have listened to it non stop. The day after chirstmas I went in for some slave labor but no one came in because it was snowing. Thinking I was going to go home afterwards I was surprised by the massive amounts of people who either came to visit or called or told me they were coming. Ashley, Brian, and Katina ended up journeying to my house in the artic weather, kicking me out of ashleys car and then me having to run across hempstead turnpike with all the ice and snow, but hey I ran the whole time, even with a cold. Monday night was fantansic because me and kristin exchanged gifts. Well besides Napolean Dynomite she got me... ahh... ahhh... ahhh.. vibrator? That girl is crazy. Whats even more crazy that when I asked some guys to touch it, they couldnt, they were like extremely scared even when its plastic. By far the best gift, I mean gag gift, of my life. We got our drink on, and it was all good till I get a call from my brother telling me he was getting me in about 2 minutes to go to taco bell with him and his friends. They all definately knew and made fun of me the entire way home and at taco bell.
It was chinese food day for me and katina we met up with seph and sal for awhile and then I went home. I have been in such a shitty mood recently and you guessed it, I watched titanic. oo yea, and all by myself. I didnt want to be bothered, but o my goodness, thats the movie to watch when you want to think about how shitty your life is and cry about it. I remember when I first saw, way back in the 5th grade and I was like, I would soo go with cal because hes got the goods, and when I mean goods, I mean money. But now, I guess since im older im starting to lean more towards jack, yet cal still had more money. I really just loved the way they dressed in that movie. I wish girls still had to wear dresses, even if not those more like the ones in the 50's, and guys still wore hats and tipped them. I grew up in the wrong time. Yea soo my night was that, pure saddness and I topped it off by listening to straylight run.

soo who called me with a sound board prank last night?

[25 Dec 2004|09:03pm]
pink ipod

goodnight everyone merry chirstmas

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

boys, you can find us in

room 68
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[17 Dec 2004|10:36am]
lets start off by everyone please telling me.. I fucking told you so.

[02 Dec 2004|07:27pm]
oo btw... those convos wERE FAKE!!!

but I dont think many people, well besides me and kristin knew that?


You kill me, you always know the perfect thing to say


katina got accepted to college : ]

shes leaving me...

its starting to hit me

[retreat photo!]

and if this bitch thinks shes leaving me too.....

[01 Dec 2004|07:04pm]
kristin %hearts;

after kristin sent me this:
SuNsHiNeAnGeL23 [6:40 PM]: hahah jimmy<3 just signed on

I did this:
LiLpIxiEs64 [6:41 PM]:  i just wanted to bring this to your attention  SuNsHiNeAnGeL23 [6:40 PM]:  jimmy<3 just signed on 
SuPaMaN561 [6:41 PM]:  wat?
SuPaMaN561 [6:41 PM]:  yes thats my name
LiLpIxiEs64 [6:42 PM]:  SuNsHiNeAnGeL23 [6:40 PM]: i wish he would like... have sex with me in the back of his ride, because I just wanta ride that
SuPaMaN561 [6:42 PM]:  u r so full of hsit
LiLpIxiEs64 [6:43 PM]:  do you mean shit?
SuPaMaN561 [6:43 PM]:  yes haha
LiLpIxiEs64 [6:43 PM]:  no no, shes a horn dog
LiLpIxiEs64 [6:43 PM]:  dude, why is shriek 2 your buddy icon
SuPaMaN561 [6:44 PM]:  y isnt it ure icon is the question here
LiLpIxiEs64 [6:45 PM]: i guess im not as cool as you, damnit
SuPaMaN561 [6:45 PM]:  damnit is right
SuPaMaN561 [6:45 PM]:  haha jk 
LiLpIxiEs64 [6:46 PM]: yea, soo we know were you live, you might find kristin one day on your lawn in the thrusting position
SuPaMaN561 [6:46 PM]:  u might find me on top of her
LiLpIxiEs64 [6:47 PM]: you might find me taping all this from a tree
SuPaMaN561 [6:49 PM]:  do it
SuPaMaN561 [6:49 PM]:  u can sell it to
LiLpIxiEs64 [6:49 PM]:  oo I will, do you understand how much money I will make
LiLpIxiEs64 [6:50 PM]:  you being, well you, and her being one of the top whores in fp, I stand to make millions
SuPaMaN561 [6:50 PM]:  shes a whore,......boo i dont like whores
LiLpIxiEs64 [6:51 PM]:  well.. shes got blonde hair tho
LiLpIxiEs64 [6:51 PM]:  her moms not a whore tho

and she said:
SuNsHiNeAnGeL23 [9:51 PM]: LiLpIxiEs64 [9:48 PM]:  i'm glad that jimmy finally found out that i am obsessed with him yesterday. now he's talking to me online ! :-D
SuPaMaN561 [9:52 PM]:  haha 
SuNsHiNeAnGeL23 [6:53 PM]:  he stopped atlking to me too hahhahaha
SuNsHiNeAnGeL23 [6:53 PM]:  i love you
LiLpIxiEs64 [6:53 PM]:  hahahahaha


LiLpIxiEs64 [7:03 PM]: why do me and technology not work
fuNkiguy7 [7:04 PM]: it's you that's why
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[01 Dec 2004|11:15am]
im in computer class right now... im sitting next to christen.

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[29 Nov 2004|06:56pm]
detention... tomorrow for fucking socks

good weekend last week.
mission accoplished

give it up

[26 Nov 2004|09:33pm]
i feels like I have had a bad relapse for months now. I have been seading out emails to colleges like crazy, and nevermind the crap about thinking of staying home, I need to get out, to leave, to find somewhere away from my parents, from this house, from my room. Honestly it doesnt matter, im never home because of school and work. Work is hysterical when its me and katina working, were really going to get fired soon because we laugh way to much and cant answer phones right. Because katinas greek lover didnt come in on sunday, we thought for sure he was dead, but dont worry everyone he wasnt. [ oo btw me and katina made the most emo myspace ever] Thanksgiving was just, that and boring. I ran the turkey trot in the morning and since I have no family the meal was boring. today I did my project with amanda and got most of it done. its snazzy looking, but its a bitch to build.
    I went to starbucks tonight to see matt. I havent hung out with him, like old times since about may. His friends are hysterical, omg I forgot how he drove, but it was a lot of fun. It was soo against that whole, dont hang out with your ex because its nothing but trouble/emotions/all those bad things mixed together but it really wasnt at all. im such a fucking sucker to smiles. well see how it goes, more visits maybe?

my name is danielle and my friends used to control my life
now, they dont

[step one was admiting you have a problem]

so long and goodnight

♥ Danielle

[20 Nov 2004|09:32pm]

enough with everyone...

[10 Nov 2004|11:37pm]
A broken Heart is not what I wanted from this
but I guess I've learned from this
But arent you supposed to learn from your mistakes
I don't consider this a mistake
I just wish the story didnt end this way
'Cause I'm still in love with the person helped me write it
Remember when you held my hand like you'd never let it go
Remember when we talked of where we'd be a year from now

Frazzled, thats all I can say now. I dont write in this thing as much because I hate typing now that I have done 7 college apps. and a crap load of work and projects. Speaking about work, I still have my job and even work ::gasp::  two days a week. hah. But anyway, if matt and me were to still be going out, it would be a year on friday. I dont even know why, im thinking about it, but the 12th, maybe cause its my birthday day just always sticks out I guess and guys will think this is kinda nerotic, but girls know, they remember everything. To be like just totally honest, I miss talking to him, the way we used to talk. Not soo much the going out part because put it anyway I like, we went out for practically for 7 months, and I was rejected, more or less in a bad way, but I still felt the same. I poured my heart out one night in a text to him, saying how much I just missed hanging out and talking and whatnot, but I never got a response, which inturn turned into a sign. I wish I just could go back to summer and not act the way I did when I was around and just be like, im not obessed with you, and you can do whatever you want, but when you need someone to talk to, I just hope im the person you come to. and I def didnt say that, actually, I acted soo freaking dumb around him it was pretty pathetic. I was never the close to someone, and never had someone know so much about me, me know so much about them, and have it just all end infront of me. im not going to lie, breaking up sucks, a lot, esp. if its before your finals. But its the not the worse thing that could happen and I hate people that make theres out to seem that way. It was rough, I mean I feel like the person who changed me so much, for the better, walked out, and I thought for a while they didnt even care. it was a while ago tho but I never wrote about it, in here I mean. I actually saw him today, we were in town I wanted to say hello, and he looked great, and looked happy which just actually made me really happy. I still, I like it when we talk, even tho its not like it was, he just makes me happy because he just has this way, I dont know. I just dont know, time goes by way to fast, I was looking at pictures I have from this time last year, and wanta cry and just laugh at the same time. Whether its with me and matt or friends, there just such good memories from track and school and making new friends, and the cookie monster doll I still have, and lunch, and the last of the sweet sixteens...

such good memories

goodnight, <3 danielle

and I still think I miss it all
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